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Support the foundation donating your 5X1000

The Papa Luciani Foundation keeps going on thanks to the financial support of public and private entities along with private citizens, which are sensitive towards the valorization of the figure of Pope Luciani carried out by the Foundation. Thus, to go on working it needs the support of many people.

Being conscious of the fact, that as the sea is made up of single water drops, in the same way the support of many, even if small, can do a lot. So we thank right now all those willing to support us.

How to support us:

1. do an offering by way of bank transfer to the account of PAPA LUCIANI FOUNDATION of CANALE D’Agordo:

IBAN: IT98 C081 4066 0700 00005044 401


Cassa Rurale Dolomiti di Fassa, Primiero e Belluno

Filiale di Canale d’Agordo


Piazza Papa Luciani, 4

32020 Canale d’Agordo


2. donate your 5×1000 to PAPA LUCIANI FOUNDATION of CANALE D’Agordo

TAX CODE: 93043680250

3. do a liberal provision ‘Art Bonus’ for ALBINO LUCIANI MUSEUM ‘MUSAL’, thus benefitting from important tax benefits in terms of tax credit, as granted by the law. Become a patron, take care of MUSAL and other cultural sites in the Bellunese area!


4. donate or give objects, books, press release, pictures, audiovisual media, art works or everything that could serve to make Pope Luciani known, to the Museum in loan-for-use. In this case, please, turn exclusively to the Director of the Foundation:

Loris Serafini

cell 345.151.25.64