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The Albino Luciani Museum will make you learn about the life and teachings of POPE JOHN PAUL I. You will also discover the historical and environmental context in which he grew up as well as the events of other personalities who stood out in the arts, culture and religion.

The Museum is located in a 15th century building overlooking the main square of the village. It develops on 4 floors, carefully set up to create an innovative sensory journey,

MUSAL – Museo Albino Luciani


It was born in 2006 from an idea of the local administration of Canale d’Agordo and from Msgr Sirio Da Corte, archpriest of Canale d’Agordo, to remember his most famous citizen properly.

The opening of the museum took place on 26 August 2006 by hand of Cardinal Pietro Parolin, the Secretary of State for Vatican. The museum is currently run by the Papa Luciani Foundation.


‘I am living these moments in Canale d’Agordo with a great joy, in the beatification’s eve of its more celebreted citizen, Albino Luciani, Pope John Paul I and I entrust everybody to his intercession. Thank you so much!’

Cardinal Pietro Parolin, State Secretary of the Saint Seat, 21st July 2022

“The 33 days of Pope Luciani’s pontificate are a shining sign for the Church today. They leave us the message that a humble and smiling Church, serene and hardworking, fraternal and rich in humanity – above all authentic in its interior face and in its reaching out to the world – can have access to the consciences of the People of God and to the heart of humanity. In 1978 we lived only a very brief moment, full of consolation and joyful hope. That memory always remains dear to us, permeated with intimate nostalgia. Looking at Blessed Pope Albino Luciani we feel that the hidden and discreet holiness of the Church speaks and resounds clearly and attractively in the din of the world, a beacon that shines and guides in the darkness of the present time.”

Cardinal Beniamino Stella Postulator of Pope John Paul I’s Canonization Process

‘I was here for a pilgrimage with a group of priests of the Diocese of Rome and we all thank God for giving us a vicar in Christ’s heart; Albino Luciani priest, bishop and pope keeps on donating much light to all of us, to the whole world. Deeply thankful we entrust him all the priests and the young people searching for God’s wish in their lives.’

Cardinal Angelo De Donatis, general Vicar of Pope Francesco for the Diocese of Rome, 15th July 2021

‘Magis ostensus quam datus! (More shown than given!) But those 33 days have always been alive in the hearts of all the faithful.’

Cardinal Giovanni Lajolo, former governor of the Vatican State, 11st August 2017.

‘On the occasion of our visit to Canale with the Patriarchal Seminary of Venice, the memory of Albino Luciani, John Paul I, is still alive through his episcopal motto: Humilitas! Si, Humilitas omnia resolvitur.’

Msgr Francesco Moraglia, Patriarch of Venice, 31st July 2017

‘I didn’t know the museum of Canale d’Agordo. For me, it was an extraordinary and unforgettable experience. The historical reconstruction of the environment ,its events and protagonists is admirable. The didactic system is clear and efficient.The museum is indeed an example of how one can get significant results working with passion and intelligence, despite few resources.’

Prof. Antonio Paolucci, former director of the Vatican Museums and former Minister of Cultural Heritage of Italy, 28th July 2017