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The Vatican Foundation

The John Paul I Vatican Foundation was established by the Holy Father, Pope Francis, who accepted the proposal to create an institution which might heighten our knowledge of the figure, thinking and teachings of his venerable Predecessor as well as promote the study and outreach of his writings. The Rescriptum ex audientia Ss.mi with which it is instituted bears the signature of the Secretary of State, Cardinal Pietro Parolin and is dated 17 February 2020.

The Foundation is governed according to canon law, to the current laws of Vatican City and by the Statute approved by the Supreme Pontiff.

The bodies of the Foundation are the Board of Directors presided over by a cardinal appointed by the pope and formed by other six members and a Scientific Committee with an ulterior six members chosen among candidates with proven competence and experience. This Committee is open to temporary members should special initiatives, projects, studies, research or consultation arise.



The objectives of the Foundation, as ruled by article 2 of the Statute, are therefore:


to study and carry out research on the figure of John Paul I and his teachings;

safeguard and maintain his cultural and religious legacy;

promote initiatives such as conferences, meetings, seminars, study sessions;

establish awards and scholarships;

tend to editorial activity by publishing the result of studies and research by its own members as well as of third parties;

act as point of reference in Italy and abroad, for those working in the same field and with the same objectives.



The official website of the John Paul I Vatican Foundation: