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The Casa delle Regole, located in the historic centre of Canale d’Agordo, in Piazzetta di Tancon, was built in 1640 by the Doglioni family of Belluno. The building was constructed in adherence to an already existing building, on the facade of which there was a lovely 16th-century fresco depicting the Virgin and Child, a fresco that can still be seen in the centre of the room, while the new facade of the house features other interesting 17th-century frescoes, including the Blessed Virgin of Carmel between Saints John the Baptist, patron saint of the Pieve di Canale, and Nicholas of Bari.

On the first floor you can admire two rooms, the “stùa” with the characteristic “fornèl” and the old kitchen with hearth, fireplace and original furniture.

On the upper floor there is a large attic with a terrace overlooking the small square.

The Regole, dating back to the Longobard period, were collective properties in whose territory pastures, woods, roads and bridges were administered through the vote of the original heads of families, who were called upon to decide by majority vote. Today, only a few elements of the ancient rules survive in the Biois Valley, such as the “part segativa” or the “part de le legne”, although a process of recognition of these ancient institutions is underway.

Currently the Casa delle Regole is open on a timetable in July and August and used for temporary exhibitions.

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